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Sunday August 9th

Today is a new day, my that webcast carefully!


They need to be mentally and physically ready right?
1. Well they were all in great spirits last night...
2. Had we hooked each of them up to an IV for dinner, they could not have possibly had more vitamins, protein and anti-oxidents force-fed into their batter little bodies last unless Louis-Xavier is up to his old tricks at the breakfast bar this morning, we should be in GREAT shape!
3. Bedtime...(?) This, I am sorry to say is the wild card. Given that I am not in their hotel, only Bobby and God really know.
Fingers crossed and cheer loud...we CAN hear you!!!

Saturday August 8th

Today was not a good day (baseball-wise)!  We got hammered 16-1 by Coquitlam.  This result was predictable given the heartbreaking loss from yesterday.  We all knew that Coquitlam had a great team, and I think the boys were already looking ahead to Sunday's game vs. Atlantic (Sydney Mines).  Both Atlantic and Ontario are the games that we MUST win in order to move onto the medal round.

 Brandon Kennedy  - Slows the Wheels of Coquitlam, Drives in Quebec RBI

I can't really give a game summary when we got beaten so badly!  A couple of highlights were Brandon K. coming in to pitch in relief (and doing very well), as well as getting a solid RBI single late in the game to prevent the shutout.  Once the game was out of hand, the coaches really started to move people around and change positions.  Jalen pitched, Brandon pitched and Jacob pitched (pretty well). 

Perhaps the coaches saw a few things out there that they can use in the more important games coming up. 

Our dinner for tonight was initially not going to be very good!  However, we tried the best we could to turn it into a semi-healthy meal.  We were given 16 meal coupons from McDonalds from the organizers.  Mary Catherine and I made an executive decision get everybody a McChicken meal with Dasani water instead of Coke, etc.  And more importantly, while I went to get the food, MC went grocery shopping!  She came back with tons of cut veggies, cheese, grapes, watermelon, blueberries, etc.  So we 'complemented' the McD's stuff with lots of other vitamin-containing food.  The hotel allowed us to use their breakfast room for our meal, which made things much easier.  Everywhere we go, we have our transport team including Kelli, Helene, MC and Bobby T. providing shuttle bus service!  For once, we didn't have to use them as we 'stayed home' for dinner!

Tomorrow is a huge day for the team.  We play Sydney Mines at 12 noon (3pm EST)...and this is a MUST WIN game.  They look like a decent team, but one that we can beat if we play our game.  We have the tournament banquet tomorrow night at 7pm at the Langley Events Centre, a brand new arena/hall in Langley.

That's all for now.  The kids' spirits are surprisingly 'high', given the recent losses.  And that's a great thing.  Hopefully, they can focus on the 'job' tomorrow and put in a really good effort.  I'm sure one win would really get them motivated to qualify for the next round. 

 Quick comment on fan support:  As some of you may know, Victor's Mom Helene has a lot of family that lives in this part of BC.  And they have ALL shown up to our games and provided our boys with amazing fan support.  Vic's cousins won the 'fan of the game' contest for their incessant cheering and whistle-blowing!  It's much appreciated and helps offset the overwhelming support for the BC teams.
That's all for now.  The next update will take place after we take care of business at 12 noon!!  Bobby T.

2008, NDG Minor Baseball
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