Quebec Little League Baseball

Provincial Champions 2006

NDG Junior Lynx

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Canadian Junior Championships

Lethbridge, Alberta

Wednesday August 8, 2006

What a Great Year

Last night the Junior Lynx came up on the short end of a 9-7 score in the elimination round of the Junior Canadian National Championships. While many hearts fell when we heard the news no one can dispute that this has been a very successful year for this team. They lost only three regular season games and won three tournaments. They also were the dominate team during the provincial tournament outscoring the opposition 94 - 5.

During the team's warm-up, as anyone can attest, they are flawless. Their in-and-out drill looked more like a staged production than a warm up for a game. They were fun to watch and we all enjoyed watching them.

However most of all, we as an organisation have to be proud at the way that these young men have handled themselves during the year and during the National tournament. The information that I'm getting from Lethbridge, AB and the billeting parents is that these young men have been a class act all the way through the tournament. While I'm sure their parents have had something to do with this I think the coaching staff of, Carey Ashton, David Goldberg, and Jan Sauvé-Frankel have had some positive influences on these young men as well. Great job guys!!!

I'm sure the experience these guys have had will be something they will remember for the rest of their lives. They have had a chance to see another part of the country and to make new friends abroad. When all is said and done, this was a great season for the Junior Lynx. It will be something that they and others will talk about for years to come. A behalf of the NDG Baseball executive and fans from all over, thanks for allowing us to come along for the ride. It was a blast!!!

James Rankine




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