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Friday August 8th

Sydney Mines

and the Little League Tournament

by NDG Parent - On-Site Report

So it is bright and early Friday morning and the Sun is actually visible. Hard to believe, but there it is for all of Sydney Mines to behold!

We play today at noon (our time) and the webcast will be on now that we are back on the original field. This is the field where we had such a great victory last Sunday, and the boys looked so very sharp... even before they set foot on the field. That game was wonderful to watch...a bunch of boys doing what they do and having fun. (Clearly I am not equipped to give you a player or coaches perspective, only that of a spectator).

The boys have been busy; either shuttling back and forth to Glace Bay (our temporary, but dry baseball field) or going to their various activities...either hosted by the

tournament or their individual billet families. They all seem to holding up very well, despite the fact that they may be missing their favourite pillow and the occasional hug.

My video camera pooped out, but as long as I can buy batteries in this town my camera will be back in action today (if umbrellas ran on batteries I'd be SOL!).

We play the Prairies in a few hours. If/when we win a few other things still have to happen for us to get to the finals...but it is all very possible.

So with some sunny skies, and our new borrowed bats from the super-nice Timmins team (lent to us late last night after realizing the our kid's "favourite" bat was actually suffering countless fractures) we are ready to roll!

PS...feel free to engage in group prayer!


Tuesday August 5th

Sydney Mines

and the Little League Tournament

(Games Postponed Again Because of the Weather)

by NDG Parent - On-Site Report

Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

80 mm over 36 hours! The powers that be are checking the field to see how playable it is so we should know soon what the plan is.

It is REALLY cold here this morning....last light we needed a boat and rubber boots; today it's a parka! On a REALLY positive note, the field is very nice and sits by the edge of the ocean. The land was previously a coal mine, now reclaimed and the province has put millions into it with the goal of having it become a very special part of the community. The city and Little League will place 6 beautiful benches along the water's edge (one dedicated to each participating team) and each player's (and coach's) name will be engraved on them. They announced this at opening ceremonies and everyone was so touched. What a special way to mark this moment in time for these kids.

The people here take hospitality to a new level. Upon arrival, our new names seem to have become dear, love, sweetie, honey....and a few others. Apparently everyone loves everyone and no one is EVER in a hurry. Must see how this goes over back in Montreal.

To further distract us from the miserable weather are the these spectacular Billet families; incredibly warm, welcoming and seemingly thrilled to have our boys...imagine.

So yes, way too much rain (even by their standards), and pretty chilly, but our boys have big smiles and are making great memories.

Monday August 4th

Rain Delay


Little League Tournament

by NDG Parent - On-Site Report

TONS of rain all night long. No word yet regarding cancellation, but there is lots of discussion about alternate play options. They covered the field last night, but not even Noah's bleeping Ark could save us from this stuff. The raindrops are the size of well fed hamsters.


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